The 7 Best Apps for Video Editing on iPhone & iPad in 2020

The 7 Best Apps for Video Editing on iPhone & iPad in 2020


The App Store is full of apps for iPhone photography. On the video side, the choice may be less rich, but that does not prevent us from finding excellent solutions for filming, editing videos, applying special effects, and much more. Find in this top app folder, the best iPhone & iPad video applications.

Published on April 12, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.By Christophe
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The iPhone allows you to take video sequences at any time. And among our now long series of Sunday iPhone apps is an article on useful apps for editing, editing, enhancing movies and videos.

As the number of this type of applications continues to increase, we have decided to revisit this file to complete it. Impressive, surprising or simply practical, there is something for everyone. Here is a selection of the top iPhone applications for video to discover or rediscover. They are obviously also iPad compatible for the most part. And while some are free, paid are mentioned as such.

The essential applications for filming on iPhone and iPad

Filmic Pro: the recommendation of professionals
That’s when you look at the tools that reporters and other short filmmakers (or older) use with the iPhone, the most-cited app. For good reason, elected several times video app of the year by Apple, it offers many settings that are not offered by the standard iOS app. The settings for white balance, focus, resolution, but also taking into account the zoom, everything is there.

The application can be controlled via the Apple Watch or with an external app and even supports Dji Oslo stabilizers. A pro app, usable on iPhone and iPad, at a reasonable price. We can also mention the Filmic Remote companion app available here on the App Store which allows you to control the Filmic Pro camera remotely from another device. Filmic Pro, at the top of the applications for filming with the iPhone or the iPad.


Here is a cheaper alternative to Filmic Pro that offers many advanced features like exposure control, focus, white balance, image quality, framerate, video support 4K or the support of external microphones in Bluetooth. For example, it is possible to use AirPods as an external microphone for a video. This app also has a remote control app available here on the App Store to control the camera remotely from another iOS device.


Released in 2015, this app does not benefit from the notoriety of Filmic Pro, but offers tools and settings that seem particularly complete, especially on the level of meters. There is separate control of exposure and focus or shutter speed or color temperature, but also the use of external microphones, a visual audiometer, manual volume control and monitoring via headphones. Intended for connoisseurs, it is not suitable for “leisure” use and does not support the iPad.