Fraternity: What does it mean?

A fraternity is like a club or a group of like-minded people who preach & practice similar things. These fraternities tend to provide a Greek lifestyle of living.

Fraternities & their induction in the life of citizens

Fraternities are generally found in the middle school to high school where the students with similar sets of minds set along with other necessary perquisites join the fraternities. Fraternities are majorly joined by undergraduates, with the exception that some fraternities require being graduate to join them. But once the fraternities are joined, after the college the person belongs to that fraternity. And all these depend on the constitutional architecture of the fraternity as well as the memorandum.

Common aspects of major fraternities

From the very beginning of the fraternities, the practice of fraternity management was kept discrete. The entire process of fraternity management stood firm on the basic aspects & propaganda on which the fraternity was developed. There were different fraternities with different objectives & was their management but all of them used to share some common principles. And those principles in a nutshell are as follows:

Members of particular sex:

In the majority of the fraternities, an approximate 99% provide their membership to a single-gender making it discrete. In the patriarchal society, these fraternities were only for male arenas.  And in the latter stages, this starts to create outrage among the females who started grouping up on the campuses of different universities. And when these similar-minded females teams – leading to the birth of sororities.

Hide & secrecy:

The members are advised to keep information about it a secret from others who don’t belong to the fraternity. In short, they are advised strictly to abstain from sharing any information that can directly or indirectly relate to the fraternity. This was one of the main pillars of fraternity management. And the rules were such strict that any member who fails to abide by this rule was subjected to capital punishment

Induction of new members through pledging:

The process is a double step phenomenon that includes vetting followed by a period of probation after which they are completely inducted

Holding the ownership of residential property:

A residential property belongs to the capital assets of a fraternity where the members can stay & get acquainted

Greek symbols are an integral part of identification:

A lot of Greek symbols, majorly the complex ones are chosen for the process of identification