What is business management software ?

What is business management software ?


We welcome you to our special ERP software file . You will find in these pages everything there is to know about these professional tools.

In this page, we focus on commercial management. What is it for ? Who is she talking to ? What offers are available on the market and how to choose? Happy reading !


Presentation: commercial management Commercial management software is a computer tool that allows companies to manage their sales and purchases . All in a single base; the information is entered only once and is accessible from the entire tool.

It can be purchased (or rented in cloud computing) alone or within an ERP with other modules such as accounting, production management, etc. The functional spectrum of these solutions depends above all on the companies to which they are addressed. Some are only made for very small businesses, others can be reserved for a specific profession, etc.

However, there are a few basic features such as:

The creation of commercial documents: invoices, quotes, purchase orders, etc. Inventory of products or services: inventory, price monitoring, etc. Creation of customer and supplier files: information from third parties, payment terms, history, etc. Inventory management: inventory tracking, etc.


Small and medium-sized companies operate on an artisanal basis. The worst solution is to run your business using Microsoft Excel workbooks. These quickly become complex and management thus takes many risks. Its employees can lose files, have duplicates, enter bad data, etc. In this way, it is very difficult to keep information up to date and avoid errors.


Your employees have access to an ergonomic IT tool. They easily fill out customer quotes and invoices with easy entry (masks, intuitive writing, etc.). From their tool, they access product information (stock, nomenclature, price), customer data and finally can validate their documents in accordance with your graphic charter. Their data is then shared with all users and the

accounting department. Updates are instant.

As we discussed earlier, there are many offers in the management market. This market is shared between small publishers who offer very specific solutions and large publishers with a larger catalog. Some are configurable and others are completely customizable.

Schematically, here are the different characteristics of these products for a customer:

Solution installable with a CD-ROM or usable online User configurable Features adapted to the needs of a very small business Limited number of users Connectable to other tools within the limits defined by the editor Big business

Installed by a professional (integrator) Totally adapted to the company by your integrator Rich and personalized features for the business and your organization Unlimited number of users Software package connectable to most tools.