MilesWeb’s Managed VPS Hosting Plans, Price and Features

MilesWeb’s Managed VPS Hosting Plans, Price and Features


Even though free and low-cost shared web hosting services are readily available, many professionals and businesses find that they are unreliable due to their inflexibility and lack of power.

In the event you need more than a basic host but cannot afford or do not want to deal with the complexity of a dedicated server, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting may be a decent solution.

You get your own virtual server environment when you buy a VPS package. When it comes to your operating system, extensions and programs, you have ultimate control over what they do.

There are fewer VPS customers on each physical server than there would be with shared hosting, and each VPS is allocated a specific amount of RAM, storage space, and CPU cores to use solely.

VPS servers are more manageable than you would imagine. Many VPS plans include monitoring and configuration tools like cPanel. Some hosts manage your service for you, keeping an eye out for issues like a crashed service and resolving them as soon as they arise.

MilesWeb has been operating for a long time and has always provided great plans for a wide spectrum of consumers, and their VPS offerings are no exception. Also, they provide best unmanaged VPS hosting.

VPS Hosting Plans

Plans and Price

You have 10 Standard VPS plans to choose from starting from V1 to V10.

The basic plan V1 costs you Rs. 630/mo on a one-year plan subscription and offers 2 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Disk, 500 GB Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP.

The high-end plan V10 costs you Rs. 32,640/mo on a one-year plan subscription and offers 40 vCPU, 128 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD Disk, 3000 GB Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP.

Under the Memory Optimized VPS, you have eight different plans starting from VO1 to VO8.

The base plan VO1 costs you Rs. 3,906/mo on a one-year subscription and offers 2 vCPU, 15 GB RAM, 25 GB SSD, 1000 GB Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP.

The plan VO8 costs you Rs 31,248/mo on a one-year subscription and offers 8 vCPU, 120 GB RAM, 200 GB SSD Disk, 3000 GB Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP. 

Managed VPS Hosting Features 

  • 99% Uptime Guarantee

MilesWeb provides an uptime guarantee of 99.99% on all the VPS hosting plans. With their server’s solid architecture, maintenance, and security measures, they can provide one of the best uptime guarantees in the market.

They employ the most up-to-date hardware and software components in the VPS server they set up for your hosting. The entire VPS hosting infrastructure is designed to ensure that your websites are available at all times.

Their engineers keep an eye on the VPS servers at all times. They pay close attention to server conditions and keep them up to industry requirements.

Apart from Linux VPS hosting, the company also provides managed Windows VPS hosting.

  • Customer Support

Talking about the support, the company provides 100% bot-free support. MilesWeb provides full-time human tech assistance as a managed VPS hosting service. You may contact the support representatives through chat or ticket system at any time, from anywhere.

You may also contact their customer service representatives via chat support to seek help with any issue you have with MilesWeb’s hosting. These people are well-trained specialists who have dealt with hosting-related difficulties in the past.

They believe that technology is necessary, but they care about you too much to hand over your issues to a machine. As a result, they do not use bot chat for technical help. Their support staff listens to your problems right away and assists you in resolving them without wasting your time.

  • SSD Servers

With MilesWeb’s VPS hosting, you can host your websites on servers having 100% SSD discs built-in. To provide the best performance from your VPS hosting, they employ SSD technology on all of their servers.

SSDs are one of the most sophisticated and quickest memory storage devices available. They produce around 200 times the performance of traditional disc storage.

  • Operating System and Control Panel Choice

MilesWeb gives you the liberty to choose the operating system and control panel of your choice. CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora are the operating system choice available with MilesWeb.

DirectAdmin and cPanel are the two control panels available with Linux OS. You can choose one appropriate for your website requirements. 

  • VPS with Full management

Your VPS will be monitored by MilesWeb’s in-house team of specialists. They will ensure that your hosting is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without interruptions.

During your journey with MilesWeb, they will be ready to guide and assist.

MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting provides you with:

  • VPS hosting setup
  • Control panel installation and configuration
  • Third-party software installation
  • Linux security and hardening
  • CMS and Web application installation
  • Optimizing the web server and fine-tuning
  • Database optimization
  • Network fine-tuning
  • Server performance fine-tuning
  • Security optimization
  • Kernel patch updates
  • virus detection, Malware, and protection
  • Installation of security patches and updates
  • Spam protection
  • Database and Website security
  • Protection against server blacklisting
  • Malware removal
  • VPS performance optimization
  • VPS migration
  • Hardware and network related issues 

To Conclude:

MilesWeb has it all under one roof. They provide the best managed VPS hosting for every kind of website starting from a small business site to an enterprise-level website.