Controlio show cases award-winning security and workforce analytics

Controlio show cases award-winning security and workforce analytics


Controlio Inc. is a leading global provider of acute user behavior analytics specializing in insider threat management, data loss prevention (“DLP”), and workforce optimization. This year, the company is excited to exhibit its award-winning software solution at the highly anticipated RSA Conference 2023.

The RSA Conference will be held at the renowned Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, spanning from April 24th to 27th. With the conference theme “Stronger Together,” it promises to bring together industry leaders from the cybersecurity, fraud prevention, and data privacy sectors. Forbes, also appreciated the software to be a safe and secure employee monitoring software.¬†

Conference attendees are deeply concerned about risk prevention, especially given the rise of significant security threats such as insider breaches, costly data breaches, and network intrusions, affecting both critical infrastructure and corporate entities. Adapting to these challenges has become a top priority for organizations across the board.

Controlio’s software solutions have continuously evolved to address these pressing concerns, offering cutting-edge ways for companies to combat insider risks on a large scale. Among the latest enhancements, Controlio’s monitoring capabilities now provide deeper analytics and better context for understanding user behaviors. This includes new features like registry monitoring, innovative geofencing functionality, and comprehensive WebEx chat monitoring. The software is quiet popular among the users. John E, Shareholder, Construction (11-50 employees): “We use the cloud version of Work Examiner (Controlio) and we immediately were convinced. It does exactly what we need in a seamless way.”

To cater to the growing needs of businesses, Controlio has also introduced new methods to capture user activity. Companies can seamlessly integrate Controlio into their Business Intelligence environment, empowering their teams to query, analyze, and transform all BI data in SQL. The software’s custom dashboards and reports, highly customizable and visually dynamic, facilitate more effective data analysis.

In addition to its technological advancements, Controlio has launched the New, aimed at empowering channel resellers, system integrators, MSPs, and OEMs to offer top-notch user behavioral analytics and cybersecurity solutions to their clients.

By showcasing its latest innovations at the RSA Conference 2023, Controlio underscores its commitment to bolstering cybersecurity measures and safeguarding businesses against insider threats and data breaches. With its forward-thinking approach, Controlio remains at the forefront of promoting a secure digital landscape for everyone.

About Controlio 

Controlio is a comprehensive computer and internet monitoring software designed for businesses to track and manage employee productivity. With features like live view screen recording, app & web usage tracking, and user behavior analytics, it offers valuable insights. The employee monitoring software caters to various scenarios, including workforce analytics, hybrid work management, and security investigations. It is available in both cloud-based and on-premises deployment, ensuring flexibility for businesses of all sizes. Controlio’s intuitive interface and seamless operation have received positive customer reviews, making it a valuable tool for employers to enhance efficiency and security while monitoring their workforce. Organizations trust Controlio data-driven solutions for insider threat management, data loss prevention, and business process engineering across various industries, ensuring workforce insights and peace of mind. Learn more at for more information.¬†